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Staff Development & Training


David has taught design, production, and publications management to leaders, staff members, and volunteers in a wide-range of mission-based organizations for more than 25 years. He also spent three years in West Africa, teaching production management and prepress skills in the Ministry of Education of The Gambia.

Organizations where David has offered workshops include: the Nonprofit Management Institute, the Support Center, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), the Episcopal Communicators of America, the Management & Community Development Institute, the Museum School, the Sacred Heart Schools, and the Consortium for the Prevention of Substance Abuse.


"Great, easy-going presentation style—awesome knowledge and experience."

"The workshop exceeded my expectations. It helped me immensely. He answered individual questions well and was very straightforward and knowledgeable. David was an excellent presenter."

"David went above and beyond. In this short session I learned more (that I can apply) than I did in a 12-week course I just completed. Really."

"The entire session was well-organized and coherent. David offered tips and strategies that were practical and concretely helpful. He was skilled in his field, answered questions thoughtfully."

"This workshop was very helpful to me. Not too advanced but not 'Visual Materials 101.' Enough concrete information to be really useful. He gave good verbal examples and spoke from experience."

"The workshop was presented in an accessible, user-friendly way and reinforced my confidence in my organization's ability to achieve results independently—without being overdependent on outside support. I also learned how and when to use backup resources."

"The workshop was very well presented. I learned the basics and more. It condensed a lot of helpful data. Thank you very much."

"The focus on message development was helpful. I learned that it is possible to get an attractive, effective piece for a reasonable price. David communicated clearly. He focused on basic knowledge. He let us know that we can't know it all, but know what questions to ask."

"David did a great job and kept the class going with high energy."