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Website Development & Design



Over the past decade, DG Communications has produced more than 100 websites for small- and medium-sized nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Each client comes with unique needs and requirements. That's why we do not work with standardized templates. We listen to your needs and brainstorm solutions that will provide you with a site that meets your specific requirements.

Once we establish a basic structure through which we will be presenting your organizational message, the heavy lifting begins. Every word that will appear on the site needs to be written; every image needs to be provided; every resource needs to be identified.

The Work Begins

We have a team of colleagues with whom we collaborate — writers, editors, illustrators, and photographers. Depending on your budget and schedule, we are happy to bring them on board. To keep budgets in check, most of our nonprofit and small business clients choose to provide as much as they can using their own staff. Unless you have been through this process before, it will be more work than you imagined — much more.

As you begin to write and share your copy with co-workers and colleagues, a surprise may greet you. Writing down who you are and what you do may provide an opportunity for reflection that most orgnizations rarely take the time to do. Almost without exception, our clients have a “Who are we?” moment in response to their initial drafts. This creates a unique opportunity to reassess your vision, mission, and the tools you have to serve them, but it can definitely slow down the process. If you handle this well, you will have not only a better website, but also a better understanding of who your organization serves and how it functions. Just make sure you have budgeted ample time to grapple with the “big picture” that may arise.